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About Us

Artistic Ceramics WIZA is one of the leading companies producing tableware ceramics. The small craft business with a few employees has developed into a flourishing family business, currently employing more than 140 people. Currently, the company has a significant position in the European and American markets. The main branch of production is kitchenware. We offer our customers breakfast and dinner tableware, coffee and tea sets, kettles, jugs, vases, cups, plates, and other utensils. With no problem, everyone interested will complete their dream set of dishes.

Our products, apart from the wealth of shapes, are distinguished by their magnificent adornment. We offer a vast range of decorations. We offer standard stamped ornaments – Boleslawiec style as well as tasteful, unique and artistic ornaments, signed by their creator, which makes them even more unique. All our decorations are painted with underglase colour, free of lead and radioactive elements; they are indelible and insoluble in acids, which guarantees safety for human health.

In addition to usability, our products can also be great home decorations. All manufactured products are heat-resistant and suitable for use in ovens and microwave ovens, as well as for washing in mechanical dishwashers, thanks to the careful selection of white clay and high firing temperature of 1.230 oC. They can be used for many years to store all food products.