Lidia Jop, daughter of Stanisław and Kazimiera, b. May 1, 1959. Graduated from high school and two universities; University of Lodz, Faculty of Philosophy and History, major: Musical Pedagogy and the Academy of Music in Wrocław, Department of Instrumental and Piano.

In 2000, Stanisław Wiza, the owner of the ceramics factory in Parowa, founded in 1963, decided to transform the plant into a limited liability company. He appointed his daughter Lidia and her husband Waldemar Jop to the management board of the company.

The new members served as vice presidents and were responsible for the marketing and design departments.

In 2006, Lidia Jop became the President of the Company, who managed it until 2015. After the international crisis, the company began to grow and turnover grew by 33% in three years. Consequently, in 2011, the company received the Newsweek award for a significant increase in turnover.

The main goal of Lidia Jop was the recognition of the Wiza brand. Activities such as participation in outdoor events, such as the Jagiellonian Fair in Lublin, the Handicraft Fair in Poznań, the sale of products on the occasion of city anniversaries, such as Tallinn in Estonia, Dominican Fair in Gdańsk, brought not only financial income, but above all allowed customers to get to know the Wiza brand in Poland and abroad.

In the meantime, the company has established cooperation with many retail chains in the United States, Australia and Canada. This sales area contributed to a significant increase in turnover and recognition of the Wiza brand in the world.

In 2015, Lidia Jop decided to resign from the company's activities. His place was taken by a three-person management, whose aim was to further develop sales and start an investment involving the expansion of the plant with a part needed to install a modern goods lift.

Lidia Jop decided to return to the company in 2019, and in 2020 another COVID 19 crisis began, in which the company was forced to lay off some staff. The two-person management board consisting of Stanisław Zołna and Lidia Jop obtained all possible subsidies for maintaining jobs.

From 2020, the president of the company is Lidia Jop. Its main goal is to invest in photovoltaics, change the heating of the company's buildings to ecological heating and the purchase of two modern furnaces for firing ceramics .XXX